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Poster Session Schedule

Presenting authors should prepare a brief (up to 5~10 minutes) presentation for delivering to small audiences gathered around the poster, and are requested to stand by their poster display in during the poster sessions which include coffee breaks, so that you can interact with all participants.

Place Lobby (2F, Poster Area)
Assembling Time 09:00~09:30, May 14 (Mon.), 2018
Dismantling Time 18:30~19:00, May 16 (Wed.), 2018
Poster Presentation 17:00~18:00, May 15 (Tue.), 2018
Lobby (2F, Poster Area)
* The secretariat will not be responsible for all remaining posters after dismantling time.

Poster Design


The official language is English. All poster presentation should be created in English.


Each poster will be provided with one panel.


Prepare your poster paper should be A0 (118.9cm X 84cm) in size.


Keep content SIMPLE. The viewer should be able to easily identify the primary concepts of the project without lots of text or complex formulas. Identify 3~4 main points or concepts to communicate, such as:
- Title (with authors and their affiliations)
- Introduction / Objectives
- Statistical or Analytical Methods
- Conclusions / Future Directions
- Acknowledgements & Contact information


Arrange material in a logical sequence, from left top to bottom right.


Text and illustrations should be easily readable from one meter away by viewers.


Mounting and Supplier


The secretariat will prepare for Velcro, double-sticky tapes or general tapes as well as other supplies for mounting, such as scissors. Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered materials or pushpins directly on the poster boards.


Please note that the poster must provide the totality of your presentation; neither a table nor any other equipment will be provided. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.


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